How as a coach, consultant or entreprenur, you can increase Authority, Impact and Reach and become a sought after speaker in your industry.


What we cover in this immersive and transformational free masterclass series:

You will understand why your core story is so crucial, start developing the
unique messages that speak to your audience, and walk away with an expert method to support you in becoming a keynote speaker.

You will discover how to crush limiting beliefs, understand the talk structures that will take your talks to the next level to generate leads, sign clients, gain notoriety and get paid to speak. PLUS some bonus strategies on storytelling, body language and presentation. 


You will learn the simple and clear steps required to land your dream speaking gigs AND the secrets to bagging a TEDx talk!

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Hosted by Helen Packham

I spent 15 years in the corporate world helping leaders deliver complex messages in compelling and powerful ways.

I then got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, ran away from my career and vowed never to stand up infront of people and speak again. That all changed after a breakdown and breakthrough and giving a TEDx talk to 1500 people.

Since then I’ve made it my mission to help coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs pull out the gold in their heads and confidently deliver keynotes, signature talks and TEDx talks, speaking about what they love most and getting paid for it too.

I believe everyone has the innate skills to be a stand out speaker.

If you have a burning desire to be a credible established expert in your industry and are ready to take your skills to the next level through speaking then this masterclass series is for you!

"I had the amazing good fortune to find Helen when I enrolled in her excellent TEDx speaker training (Land and Deliver) course.

I found her to be super professional, enthusiastic, and extremely helpful.

Working with her gave me priceless inspiration and self belief, and it is in large part thanks to her that I recently landed my TEDx talk with TEDx Frankfurt.

Thanks a million, Helen!"

Zoe Cross – Empowerment Career Coach

Zoe’s TEDx talk – Overcoming rejection by smiling with your heart

"It was such an honour to be on the Ultimate Speakers program as l have grown and am evolving everyday.

I was so confused and frustrated without clear clarity of how to create a story, my core message and let alone even present it.

I have since learnt a lot about my identity and how powerful story telling is.. I am so grateful, excited and ready to make an impact and thank you Helen for creating this amazing program for people like me".

Tula Coombes

This is for you if...

  •  You have a few speaking gigs under your belt but want to be recognised as a credible leader in your niche
  • You need help on clarifying your message, delivering your talks in a compelling way and landing the paid gigs.
  • You have seen great success in your business already but want to uplevel your public speaking skills by diversifying your delivery through keynotes and signatures talks.
  • You want to make big waves by landing and delivering a TEDx talk.


Ultimate Speaker Master Series

Learn how to show up, share your ideas, make money and change lives through speaking.