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Are you a coach, consultant or small business looking for ways to increase your authority, impact and reach?  

Maybe you’re at the stage in your business where you're ready to make bold moves. You've established your business foundations but want to be more visible.

Yet you’re holding yourself back.
You know you need to stand front and centre, but you’re unsure how to leverage your story.

Imagine if you could become crystal clear on the story behind your business so that you can use it as a versatile communication tool to share with the world.
You could use your story on stages across the world, webinars, in your marketing materials. Even with the press.

That would be amazing right?

But perhaps you don’t know how to use the story behind your business and pull it together.

You want to become visible in the online space and build a following. But you don’t know how to leverage your story.
You don’t feel like your story is special or different enough to stand out.

STOP! Right now!

That’s where I come in.
It was 100% possible for me.
It’s has been for my clients.
And it’s TOTALLY possible for you too.  

'Helen has been a fantastic coach for us through the launch and beyond of our new business, Noodle.

She was crucial for helping us find and convey our story in a way that works for any audience and has given us so much practical advice too for our social media presence and podcast series. 

She's such a champion and gives us honest, usable insight as to where we should focus our time, money and energy. 

She makes even the difficult parts of being an entrepreneur feel genuinely worth it - she's been there, done it and knows what she's on about.' 

Max Gooding & Kate Wood
Noodle Co-Founders


Here are 5 reasons why now is the perfect time for you to do the Stand Out and Speak Intensive.

You build your authority, which makes a big difference if you are an entrepreneur in a market that makes it difficult to get recognised as a credible expert.

You get laser focused clarity. Knowing your story and the messages that make you stand out will enable you to be bold in sharing them in the ways that count most.

You take your speaking skills to the next level. I can take you from starter speaker to star speaker. Not only that but you will hone your verbal communication skills so you feel at ease and confident in any situation. succinct, compelling and clear, with no waffle!

You get increased opportunities. Honing your core story, keynote talk, or even knowing what to say on social media will enable you to increase your impact and reach, land the gigs, sign clients and grow your audience.

All the feels. The feeling of standing on a virtual or real life stage? Utterly priceless. It’s one of the most exhilarating and powerful ways to make your mark.  

'Helen supported me in creating a pathway of my core story in a way that was respectful to those I cherish aligned with my truth and of service to those I desire to support, while condensing it down and without minimising its strong message.

She made what for years, had seemed too 'much' take shape easier for me to believe ‘yes, I can share this', 'yes it is so time!’ Helen is the fairy godmother of making our passions to share our voices possible.’

Michelle Roberton
Sexual Trauma and Intimacy Alchemist

Hi I'm Helen! 

I’m a verbal communications strategist and speaker coach, helping people increase their impact authority and reach through the power of their words.   

I spent 15 years in the corporate world helping leaders deliver complex (and often quite dry!) messages in compelling ways to thousands of people.  

Along the way I picked up a nifty little tool called storytelling and realised that literally ANYONE, no matter how inexperienced or unconfident, could use it to connect with an audience, build trust and make a big impact.

I've been on the journey too.

I spent a good few years hiding due to some life stuff. I lost my voice and vowed never to stand up and speak in front of people again.

After hitting a crunch point and committing to make a change, I gave a TEDx talk at the Brighton Dome, and have since gone on to help people land and deliver their own.

Helen Packham on stage at TEDx Brighton

My journey has led to running speaker training programmes, live conferences, motivational fire walking events, workshops, online courses and signature and keynote talks and becoming an event curator too.

All focused on how people like you can increase your impact authority and reach by harnessing your skills in verbal communication.

Helen is adept at drawing the story out of ideas and then helping to craft that story, making it flow in a gentle and encouraging manner so that I didn't feel criticised. 

Her energy coupled with her warm and supportive style makes the whole experience comfortable, at the same time I feel encouraged to take the next steps in making my talks more interesting. 

Thank you Helen

Wendy Capewell
Founder of the Love, Listen, Talk, Repeat Podcast

Helping entrepreneurs become sought after speakers through the power of storytelling is totally my jam. 

And the thing that people tell me most?

‘I don't know how to tell my story!'

So I did something to help ....

Stand Out and Speak Intensive with Helen Packham

An intensive one to one coaching experience where we will...

Uncover the power in your story

Nail the key messages underpinning your business, aligned to your multiple ideal audience

Hone the ideas, opinions and messages that will make you a thought leader in your niche

Decide on your speaker strategy and what types of talks suit your story and ideas!

Craft a killer talk that will have any audience on the edge of their seat

Define your visibility strategy including which organisations, event curators, media publications and podcast hosts to get in touch and build relationships with

Create your bespoke story structure, so you can re-tell your story anytime, anywhere

Craft your perfect pitch to land the gig

So let's look at the details...here's what you get

First we do an assessment determining which areas of the AIR speaker system you would like support with: AUTHORITY | IMPACT | REACH

Then we do a pre-intensive call, to get crystal clear on the specific areas of focus and outcomes you want from your experience.

After that we meet for your 3 or 6 hour immersive intensive, either in person or virtually. You decide.
If you choose the online option the time can be broken down into smaller chunks.

Finally, following our time together, you have follow up support with me to help you achieve your goals. I'll be here every step of the way to provide mentorship, accountability and guidance. I'm the coach in your pocket, a sounding board to keep you moving forward to see results.
The follow up support is 2 weeks if you choose the mini intensive, or 4 weeks if you choose the full intensive experience.

Plus you get access to...

My library of talk formulas so you not only get your core story formulated, but the ability to use my recipes for other stories you may want to tell

My pitch templates so you can pitch your story with ease and never have to start with a blank screen.

My processes and strategies for showing up on social media, telling stories, making money and ultimately changing lives

Supporting advice from experts in the field 

My network for speaking and corporate opportunities 

And because I want you to enhance your verbal communication so you stand out, are heard and believed you also get access to...

Worth £197

Virtual Speaking Pro shares my 6 tried and tested methods:

  • THE PODCAST: Cut the waffle and get to the point with my killer podcast formula.
  • THE LIVESTREAM: Follow my tried and tested livestream formula to stop your audience scrolling and start watching.
  • THE WEBINAR: Deliver a high converting webinar with my slide by slide formula.
  • THE GUEST EXPERT SESSION: My step by step structure for an interactive value giving guest expert session.
  • THE VIRTUAL KEYNOTE: Get my talk flow structure for the perfect virtual keynote.
  • THE VIRTUAL TRAINING SESSION: Get my virtual training session plan for you to populate.

Worth £357

Virtual Training Pro shares my method for taking your in-person skills online:

  • Plan your online training: Map it all out and plan the format of your online/virtual training so that it is set up for success from the beginning.
  • Create your online exercises: I share the exact exercises to use for maximum engagement and learning so that you take your virtual training from surface level to deep dive. Plus >> You get access to the best free and paid personality tests and surveys so that you add more depth to your delegate’s online experience.
  • Keep energy and engagement high: I share my tips and tricks on how to keep the virtual room alive and engaged and share my tried and tested online energisers and icebreakers so that you break down trust barriers and shake things up.
  • Move offline training online: I take you through the steps needed to translate your face to face training to effective online delivery, so that you can use what you have already to create awesome virtual experiences.
  • Bust your fears with tech: I provide guides and tutorial links to all the major platforms, ensuring you are calm, cool and tech savvy.
I've Read Enough, 
I Want Everything!

Hear from my client Natalie Lancer share about her intensive experience

What was your experience of working with Helen 1:1?

What did you get as a result of the support from Helen?

Would you recommend working with Helen?

There are 2 options

Stand Out and Speak Intensive: The Mini

Designed for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who are established speakers and want to hone a specific story.

  • AIR system assessment
  • Pre-intensive call
  • 3 hour immersive intensive either in person (West Sussex) or virtually
  • 2 weeks follow up support
  • Bonus! Virtual Speaking Pro
  • Bonus! Virtual Training Pro


Buy Now

Stand Out and Speak Intensive: The Signature

Designed for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to create their signature story.

  • AIR system assessment
  • Pre-intensive call
  • 6 hour immersive intensive either in person (West Sussex) or virtually
  • 4 weeks follow up support
  • Bonus! Virtual Speaking Pro
  • Bonus! Virtual Training Pro


"I just delivered my one day launch event for Enlightened Entrepreneurs yesterday to celebrate 1 year in biz of hitting 100K which went so well! Had great feedback!  

The confidence to speak here came from my confidence from my previous speaking gig few weeks before that during my first international talk in South of France and the extra boost of confidence to deliver that came from the the support of Helen and pretty much had my first nearly 15K month after that with some of her leveraging strategies we discussed in the Speaker Intensive!  

She rocks!"  

Shamoni Gilani, Inituitive Niche & Message Clarity Maven

Toby Moore, Curator of TEDx Brighton

Here’s the good news... 

I know you have a burning passion to get more visible and share what you do.

That you have a story that needs to be told in order to help others.

I can guarantee that during our time together we will pull your core story out of your head and turn it into something that will make a big impact.

You will get clarity on the key message your audience need to hear to connect with you.
In fact, they'll come to love you, buy from you and be transformed by you.

You'll make your own dent in the universe by supporting and inspiring others by owning your story.

It's time. Your story needs to be told.
If not now, then when?

‘You've got hard won experience that you KNOW transforms peoples lives...but you're just not sure how to actually find those people! 

As an entrepreneur you can quickly feel disheartened that you're not having the impact that you want...and then you meet Helen. Those beautiful nuggets that are just waiting to whisper their way into the ears of your ideal client are coaxed out under her coaching. 

She shares stories and wisdom bombs in equal measure and most of all has a burning passion to make you believe in your own storytelling power.

If you have the chance to work with her, grab it!’

Laura Coleman, Be Modern Meditation

Still wondering if you can get fearlessly visible?

If not now, then when?

The Stand Out and Speak Intensive

The Mini Intensive

Designed for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who are established speakers and want to hone a specific story.

  • AIR system assessment
  • Pre-intensive call
  • 3 hour immersive intensive either in person (West Sussex) or virtually
  • 2 weeks follow up support
  • Bonus! Virtual Speaking Pro
  • Bonus! Virtual Training Pro


Yes, I'm ready to make an impact!

The Signature Intensive

Designed for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to create their signature story.

  • AIR system assessment
  • Pre-intensive call
  • 6 hour immersive intensive either in person (West Sussex) or virtually
  • 4 weeks follow up support
  • Bonus! Virtual Speaking Pro
  • Bonus! Virtual Training Pro


'I loved my time with Helen!

Helen is incredibly knowledgeable, generous with her advice and very intuitive.

I came away with much more clarity around how to engage my corporate and B2C audiences with the right interactions and my story.

Helen has also helped me move through key barriers holding me back from sharing my journey.

I really recommend booking with Helen.'

Holly Dunn
Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

Frequently asked questions

Who is the Stand Out and Speak Intensive for?

I designed the Stand Our and Speak Intensive specifically for business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs who have the foundations of their business in place and are looking to up skill. Corporate leaders who are looking to develop their verbal communication skills or deliver a talk or presentation. Academics who need to present their findings or research to an audience.

Do I have to be experienced as a speaker?

Not at all. I can start from the very beginning by helping you look at speaking as part of your business strategy, how you use your story and messages to communicate to your audience and how you can use speaking and storytelling to win more business. We will draw it all out of your head and put into a structure that you can confidently share and deliver with impact. 

I am already experienced as a speaker, how can you help me?

If you are looking to take your speaking skills to the next level, diversify your talk offering or branch out into corporate speaking or keynote delivery, I can help. The techniques and tools I use are gleaned from my years in corporate training delivery, my expertise in storytelling and my experience of delivering keynotes and a TEDx talk, and working with some awesome speaker mentors myself. 

I need help sharing my story in my content marketing, can you help?

Yes. The core story work we do will enable you to use your story in your social media posts, blogs, videos, webinars or with the press. In podcast or radio interviews, anywhere that helps you get super visible and recognised as an expert in your field.

I want to know how I can land speaking gigs, does the intensive cover this?

Part of our work together will be to form a strategy and action plan identifying where you want to speak, what the end goals are and how to do it the right way so you stand out and land the gigs. 

How does the process work?

After an initial assessment using the AIR speaker system, we have a clarity call to agree on the key outcomes you want to achieve by the end of our time together. We then meet in person or online for 3 or 6 hours (if online this can be broken down to smaller chunks) and dive into the process.

Following the intensive we agree on the follow up support required to help you achieve your goals. I’ll be here every step of the way to provide mentorship, accountability and guidance. 

How is it delivered?

At the time of writing, I am able to offer in person intensives at my home in Sussex, or an agreed location in the Sussex area. If online, a full intensive can be delivered in 2 x 3 hour sessions or 3 x 2 hour sessions. Follow up support is then given over WhatsApp voice note, email, and Zoom if required.

What makes you qualified to offer this service?

I spent 15 years coaching and training leaders on how to communicate more effectively and make an impact with their words. My go to skills were in conflict resolution, influence, negotiation, presentations, events, and internal comms. I picked up the powerful tool of storytelling in this time and found it could be used by anyone regardless of confidence level or personality type to communicate with impact.

After leaving the corporate world I delivered a TEDx talk and went on to run speaker programmes and workshops. I have delivered key note talks, run my own events, am a radio presenter and now I'm a curator and speaker coach. I have also been lucky enough to be mentored by some amazing international speakers.

What does the follow up support look like?

Depending on your needs, follow up support is designed to put your plan into action. Whether that be putting your talk together and sending me videos for feedback. Helping you structure and reviewing your pitches, providing advice on how to share your story in your content or online marketing, and providing support and guidance if you are feeling stuck or worried about getting yourself out into the world.

I am a coach in your pocket through the support period to help keep you accountable and moving so that you achieve your dream goals. 

Do you give refunds?

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase within seven days I provide a money back guarantee. All you need to do is get in touch, explain why you aren’t satisfied and I’ll give you your money back. 

Can I talk to you before signing up to the intensive?

Absolutely. I want to make sure that the Stand Out and Speak Intensive is right for your specific circumstances. You can book a complimentary call with me here.

Have another questions?

Hit me up via email hello [at] helenpackham [dot] com. I’ll answer all your questions personally.

More praise for Helen

'I worked with Helen to help me formulate my story. I had struggled for some time with what I wanted to say and how I would say it. I honestly didn't think I had anything interesting to say or that anyone would want to listen. After just a few hours with Helen we had formulated my core story and decided on a list of further topics I could talk about. Either on stage or on my social media.

Helen is so warm and friendly so it was easy for me to share my life story with her. But what was impressive was how she distilled the relevant facts from my story in a sensitive and thoughtful way. She also helped identify the various platforms I could use to share my story and who I should be connecting with. I have since shared my story on Facebook lives, in my newsletters and on my website. I have had such a wonderful response from people and really feel as though I’m connecting with my audience on a much deeper level. 

If you are looking for a way to share your core story a way that feels natural and genuine, you have to work with Helen. 

Sarah Aspinall
Breaking Ballet Founder